Niklas Büscher "Untitled", 2018 and "Text: The Sands" Paula Aimée Fodor "Backstage Photography", 2018 Maria Cozma "Costume and Styling", Sophie Marie Csenar "Hair and MakeUp", Ana-Marija Vašiček "Untitled", 2017 Pedro Herrero Ferrán "Candyboy" , 2018 Luna Ghisetti "my body is small but my soul is heavy", 2017 Samuel Linus Gromann"Isopod I,Isopod II, Isopod III, Isopod IV & Isopod V", 2017 and "Text, Script: Untitled" Anna Hostek "Direction and Curating", Selma Klima "kindheit", 2013‚ Elias Nasari"Beatbox", Laurids Oder "Lights, Setting and Curating"Marie Oucherif "Text: Beyond the Gym on theatricality and installation" Valentin Postlmayr"Acting Role of A-The Guy" Henrietta Rauth"Acting Role of G-The friend of M", Aline Sofie Rainer"Untitled", 2018 Alina Schaller"Acting Role of M-the Heroin", Eva Seiler"Ohne Titel"2017, Elias Stangl, "Text: "Freizeitanlage Praterstern / Drowning Prom Queen, Eine Begehung durch Elias Stangl", Julia Steinbach "Untitled", 2016 Emmanuel Troy"Untitled", 2018 Dan Vogt "Still Life II", 2018 Aleksander Vučenović "Sound Design", Malte Zander "Untitled"", 2018

14.04.2018, Freizeitanlage Praterstern, Drowning Promqueen, Prater Hauptallee 2a 1020 Wien

Text, Script of Untitled by Samuel Linus Gromann

Video Documentation of the perfomative play "Untitled / Drowning Prom Queen"

Full Backstage Photograpy by Aimée Paula Fodor

Full Photodocumentation (Walktrough) by Philipp Friedrich

"Freizeitanlage Praterstern / Drowning Promqueen" Publication Limited Edition of 75 Copies. 16.- € A few are still available @